Saint Peter

Saint Peter is a 2005 Italian television-film about the life and work of Saint Peter. The film stars Omar Sharif as Peter, and was originally released as San Pietro.Legendary actor Omar Sharif gives a deeply moving, authentic portrayal in this epic film about St. Peter, the leader of the Apostles and first Pope, filmed on location in Europe. Beautifully filmed with outstanding cinematography, and excellent acting from a strong cast, especially the spiritually rich performance by Sharif, this is considered by many as the best film portrait ever made of St. Peter. Also stars Flavio Insinna, Daniele Pecci, Lina Sastri and Claudia Koll. Filmed in English with both English and Spanish sub-titles

As the unwavering faith of the disciples makes them the target of persecution in the Roman Empire, Peter begins to realize that in order to prove their loyalty to the word of God the followers of the Christian faith may be forced to endure the same humiliation and suffering that Jesus experienced when crucified on the cross.