The English Patient

Director: Anthony Minghella

Year : 1996

Synopsis :The story opens with an unseen hand painting a swimming human figure. As the illustration is finished, the background shifts to a desert landscape and the figure blends in with the dunes.
A biplane is flying across Northern Africa. In the front seat is a woman who appears to be asleep. The plane is spotted by a military outpost. The soldiers begin yelling in German and open fire on the plane with a flak cannon. The plane is severely damaged. The pilot attempts to pull the woman from the front of the plane but it soon bursts into flame and the man is forced to bail out. His face, arms and chest take the full force of the fire. The man is later found by a small group of Bedouins, who transport him to a camp where a healer mixes a salve from a series of small vials and applies it to the horrific burns on the pilot’s face.